Community Coach (13-18's) Workshop

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The Community Coach Face to Face Workshop is the second component of the accreditation. This is the final requirement for anyone who is coaching a team from 13 to 18 years old. Coaches of teams 19 years and older may also attend this workshop if they wish. 

The workshop is designed to provide coaches with the opportunity to learn more about the key elements of understanding the players, keeping them safe, developing quality relationships, creating a great environment for learning, and teaching them how to play Rugby League.
Coaches will need to complete the age group specific eLearning course prior to registering to this Face to Face Workshop. If you haven't completed the eLearning, this can be accessed via the link below:
Course Content
The course will involve a blend of group activities and practical sessions that are focused on primarily on HOW to coach. This is the key to providing a positive coaching environment for your players. 
Additional information
The workshop will involve a series of group activities and a practical outdoor session. Coaches should ensure they wear appropriate attire to engage in these activities. 
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